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At Canartis, we promote mutual development with our clients offering a balanced business structure with a broad spectrum of expertise in various fields.

Canartis succeeds by competing vigorously, yet fairly, in the market place and it is Canartis's policy to fully comply with applicable competition laws in the jurisdictions where we operate. It is important for us to gather timely information about the industry and competitors. We work hand in hand with many of the largest scrap metal yards in Canada and USA with vested interest in many scrap yards and plastic recyclers in Canada.

Canartis has well known reputation in recycling and scrap industry as one of the exporter, trader, service provider and supplier of various scrap metal commodities like HMS, Copper, Brass, Aluminum and other metal scrap. We also enjoy the trust of many end sellers and end users dealing in various different grades of plastic scrap like PC, HIPS, Nylon, LDPE, HDPE, PETE preforms, regrinds for recycling and manufacturing purposes according to customer specifications.

Imagine having experience, honesty, ethics, trust with excellent trading know how at your dispsoal

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We buy Exw and provide the products as CFR shipments and by doing bulk we get the best ocean freight which allows us to make certain that our price, product and services will meet, or exceed all regulation and are of good quality to preserve the trust of our customers.

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